2022 February Work Party Team members

Absolutely fantastic turnout for our work party. 3 tractors, several sawyers, and a monster chipper! We must have moved at least 100 rounds out of the campsite along with neverending piles of slash! The Silver Loop trail was cleared of any impassable logs and pesky brush.

Please join us in thanking Todd Barnum (who worked 2 days solid with his tractor), Chris Weldy and Greg King with their tractors (Chris is coming back tomorrow to do more work), Curt Kruger who welded our new pen in, Mike and Norma Kohlbaker, Janice Davidson and friend, Lorna Dobrovolny, Janet Weldy, Gary McFall, Rich Andrus, Jaci Crowley, Steve Lenheim, Lori Stewart, Anna Plaxco, Paul Dudzik, Laurie Sweeney and Michael Peckham who also cooked lunch.

What a team!!!!!