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Poker Ride

Annual Poker Ride

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Georgetown Divide Equestrian Trails Foundation puts on an annual fall Poker Ride at Dru Barner Equestrian Campgrounds.

This ride features a relaxing, late morning 5-7 mile ride down the easy Enchanted Forest trail while you play your hand and have a chance at winning something fun!

Poker ride

Return back to the campground, take care of your horse, join us for a delicious lunch, and see if you have a winning poker hand!  Cash and prizes!

Poker ride lunch

Afterwards, stay for the day or camp for the weekend. Relax in the beautiful woods of the campground or take a ride out on the 12-mile loop in the beautiful nearby Rock Creek Trails.

IMPORTANT! Reservations are required. Please send us the completed form below:

2017 GDETF Poker Ride Entry Form

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Meetings & Parties


Fun ride picnic
Saturday, June 10th – We’ll have the barbie fired up with burgers and brats so bring your best to-go dish and join us. We’ll have water, cheap beer, crappy boxed wine and flabby paper plates so you’ll feel right at home. Bring a friend – you don’t have to belong to GDETF to come. The more; the merrier! Yay!
HOWEVER: RSVP to (530) 823.7470 or greenwoodann@att.net so we’ll be able to plan!!
Here’s the Flyer.




Who We Are

GDETF (formerly EDETF) is a group of enthusiastic equestrians who are passionate about trail riding!  As such, we are dedicated to ensuring that we will always have beautiful trails to ride, adequate staging areas, and places to camp out with our horses.

The mission of GDETF is simple – to  do what we can to preserve and maintain existing places to ride on the Georgetown Divide and to obtain and develop new trails and easements whenever possible.

Since our inception in 1987, in cooperation with the United States Forest Service , we have created and improved several staging areas (Meadowbrook, Donaldson, Balderston Corrals), improved signage on trails, and the crown jewel of our accomplishments, creation of the beautiful Dru Barner Equestrian Park  located about 7 miles east of Georgetown.

We have also worked in partnership with other organizations such as Divide Horsemen’s Association (DHA ) in the creation of Cronan Ranch near the American River.  We are currently anticipating the development of a new equestrian staging area on Salmon Falls Road, spearheaded by the American River Conservancy with financial support provided by several groups, including GDETF. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all contributions are tax deductible.

One of our main activities is fundraising, which we do by holding a couple of popular rides each year, notably the Dru Barner Fun Ride held on Memorial Day weekend, and the Poker Ride held in early October.  GDETF members also gather several times a year for business meetings, a BBQ in early June, and a Holiday Party in December.

Most importantly, members get together for workdays whenever the need arises to clear trails, make improvements to Dru Barner, and so forth.

The activities of GDETF are guided by our Board of Directors. These are folks from our general membership who willingly give their time to attend monthly meetings (first Thursday of most months), help to organize rides and activities, and make decisions about how best to use our funds to continue our mission.  In the past few years the board has used our funds to purchase additional picnic tables, fire rings, and corrals for Dru Barner Park.  We paid for road improvements in Dru Barner, and cleanup of the Balderston staging area..

Board members for 2017 are:

Ann Blankenship, President
Jerry Scribner, Vice President
Jenny Gomez, Treasurer
Delaya Diana, Member At Large
Terri Jimison, Member At Large
Janice Myers, Member At Large
Kelli Dunn, Member At Large

Additional members not formally on the Board work behind the scenes to help out with administrative duties, trail projects, and many other small but essential functions. Members who want to become more involved are always welcome to attend a board meeting – just check with us first to find out when and where.

Fun Ride

** Important! We’re sorry to report the 2017 Dru Barner Fun Ride has been canceled for this year. **

Read the President’s letter regarding the cancellation.

Please read the below information about the ride and hope to see you next year!

Come join us every Memorial Day weekend for the Annual Dru Barner Fun Ride at the beautiful Dru Barner Equestrian Park just East of Georgetown. Ride the Enchanted Forest for 5 miles, the 12-mile loop, or challenge yourself and your horse and head out on a 20-mile loop on the well-marked Rock Creek Trails. Afterwards, we’ll enjoy a Tri-Tip dinner, Salads, and Dessert (vegetarian, too) at the park.

This is GDETF’s major fundraiser; however, mostly we want you to come and enjoy the trails. That’s what it’s all about. Please join us for a weekend of riding, trail tales, and a good down-home time. Overnight camping on Saturday is encouraged or check-in early Sunday morning. Check-in begins 3 -7 PM on Saturday and 7 AM on Sunday morning. All riders head out between 8 and 10 a.m. (we encourage the 20-milers to be out by 9:00) and everyone is back by 4:00 p.m. for dinner and raffle prizes.

Prior reservations are appreciated for food prep, AND it will get you through registration that weekend a lot quicker! We need to receive your entry form and payment by May 20 so food preparations can begin.

Print a few extras to share with your friends!  You can also e-mail us at  GDETF2@gmail.com with any questions.

If you are not able to come but would like to make a contribution to the trails, remember EDETF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation and always welcomes your support. One participant wrote to thank us for the 2015 ride:

“GDETF Board Members:
I just want to say thanks for the fun ride today, I really enjoyed it. I was especially touched by the kind young man (teenager) at the rest stop who offered me snacks and drinks and brought me a carrot while I was on my horse. In my experience it is pretty rare to get that kind of attention from strangers on trail rides or anywhere and it really made my day!

The last ride I went on was a 25 miler and there were no drinks available for humans. I had lost my drink bottle at the start and ended up dehydrated, being up in years it took me a few days to recover.

So I think it is a great idea for safety’s sake to be keeping folks hydrated and actually handing the goods to the riders is a step beyond.”

About the Annual Dru Barner Memorial Day Weekend Fun(d) Ride:

The Georgetown Divide Equestrian Trails Foundation hosts an annual fund-raising ride for horse people of all skill levels at the Dru Barner Equestrian Campground on the Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend.

Fun Riders

Come camp for the weekend or join us for the day to ride the beautiful Dru Barner trails over Memorial Day weekend.  Trails are well marked for the ride and include an easy 5-mile loop on the Enchanted Forest, a longer 12-mile loop, or a more challenging 20-mile loop.

Fun ride

After everyone gets back from their ride and takes care of their horses, we enjoy each others company and catch up with friends over a delicious meal together. All the profits of this fun(d) ride go back into improving and maintaining the campgrounds and other local trails.

Fun ride - horses drinking

Fun ride picnic

Registration is appreciated by the week prior to the event so food preparation can be done.   Stay tuned to this page for the next official flyer with all needed information.

If you do not plan on riding this event, please consider volunteering to help out.  There are many jobs to be done to put on such a successful event, and it’s a great group to work with. If you have any other questions or would like to volunteer, contact us.



Sunday August 30, 2015:  The corrals are all painted!  Thanks to the efforts of (the usual suspects) Jerry Scribner, Jon Saunders, Pete Occhialini, and Kit and Janice Myers, all the galvanized corrals and their roofs were acid washed and painted inside and out to match the Powder River green corrals.  Our volunteers are AWESOME!

DSC02804 DSC02806 DSC02810 DSC02812

June 20-21 was a busy weekend for GDETF volunteers.  On Saturday, GDETF volunteers Jon Saunders, Pete Occhialini, Jerry Scribner, and Gary Mcfall installed new Powder River horse corrals at campsites 19, 20, and 23.  Additionally Jerry Scribner painted one of the donated galvanized corrals (previously installed) USFS green.  Eventually all the galvanized corrals will be painted to match the Powder River corrals.

Jerry corral

painted corral

On Sunday June 21, Jerry Scribner, Jon Saunders, Roger and Linda Glazier, and Helen Steenman assembled and installed 4 more picnic tables at two campsites and at the group picnic  area.  We still have some fire-rings to install later this summer.  Most of the campsites will now be fully furnished with tables and fire rings, and we will continue to add corrals where ever we can fit them in.

20150621_101210 jerry cement

May 2015 – GDETF volunteers completed the Balderson Staging Area improvements that were started late last year with the removal of the old corral.  Blackberry clearing and a little tree limb trimming has created a half dozen additional rig pullouts within the site.  Check it out!

Corrals, picnic tables, and fire rings have been delivered and are waiting to be installed at Dru Barner!  We will soon be scheduling work days to accomplish these tasks.  We need your help! – PS> Jerry Scribner is spearheading this, the plan is completion before July 4, 2015!

New signage on Trust for Public Land (TPL) trail easements!

TPL trail sign

Over the past several years, Georgetown Divide Recreation District (GDRD) and GDETF (formerly EDETF) have partnered to develop and maintain equestrian/hiking trails on TPL trail easements located on four privately owned parcels in the vicinity of the Georgetown Airport.  Most recently, GDRD produced trail use regulation signage, which was placed on the trail easements by GDETF members Kit and Janice Myers and Tom and Nancy Sandy in early 2015.  These GDRD trail easements provide trail access for hikers and equestrians from Reservoir Road to Spanish Dry Diggins and the immediate area around the airport.

New Corrals at Dru Barner Campground!

December 2014 saw the installation of a new double corral purchased by GDETF, and 4 additional donated corral stalls.
Kudos to our hard working volunteer crew!

corral 1 corral 2

Balderston Corral Staging Area Cleanup

In November 2014, GDETF had all the blackberries removed to create more trailer parking at the staging area.  In spring, we will lay gravel.  This will at least double the amount of parking!

Currently these areas are taped off so the ground can settle before experiencing vehicle impact.

Balderson 004


GDETF Work Day

Our most recent work day was on October 29, 2014.  GDETF members met at the Georgetown Ranger Station to assemble four
picnic tables purchased by the Foundation for use at Dru Barner Park.  We then loaded up the tables along with three fire rings that we had also purchased, and headed up to the Park.  We unloaded and positioned the tables and fire rings, and anchored them into the ground with concrete.

Assembling a picnic table

We are anticipating the arrival of a new double stall corral to add to Dru Barner.  It should be here any day, and when it arrives we will again head up to assemble and install this corral at the Park!

Finished tables at the park

The happy workers


NATRC Competitive Trail Ride

Since 2007, GDETF has  sponsored a two-day Competitive Trail Ride (CTR) sanctioned by the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC).  The ride was last held in 2014.  It is hoped that someone will come forward to continue with managing this very fun event.

CTR has been described as a cross between endurance riding and trail trials.  Not a race, riders complete a pre-determined course within a prescribed time, much like a road rally.  The distance each day is between 20 and 30 miles, depending on the division a rider chooses to compete in.  Horses are judged by qualified veterinarians on condition, soundness, manners, and way of going. Riders are judged separately on horsemanship, equitation, courtesy on the trail, and how they care for their horse both on the trail and while stabled in camp.  They may be asked to maneuver the horse through a natural obstacle, or simply be observed as they travel down the trail.

Georgetown2014 Georgetown2014 - 214

It is a wonderful learning process for both riders and their horses. While most riders are not local, by sponsoring this ride we get to showcase our wonderful Dru Barner Park and equally wonderful trails to people from across northern California.  NATRC rides are not for the purpose of raising money, but when the Georgetown ride does make a small profit, that sum is donated to GDETF.  NATRC rides have been held here since 2007, and the Georgetown ride is one of the favorites among those who compete in NATRC Region One.


Georgetown2014 - 229

A CTR takes a great number of volunteers to run, and we rely on GDETF members to help with many jobs including: trail marking, setting out water troughs, driving ride personnel who are not familiar with the area, monitoring horses at the “Pulse and Respiration” stops (vet checks), assisting riders with crossing busy roads, timing riders in and out of camp, or just helping to keep track of where everyone is on the trail.

 See the NATRC Region 1 Photo Gallery