Dru Barner Park sign

Who We Are

GDETF (formerly EDETF) is a group of enthusiastic equestrians who are passionate about trail riding!  As such, we are dedicated to ensuring that we will always have beautiful trails to ride, adequate staging areas, and places to camp out with our horses.

The mission of GDETF is simple – to  do what we can to preserve and maintain existing places to ride on the Georgetown Divide and to obtain and develop new trails and easements whenever possible.

Since our inception in 1987, in cooperation with the United States Forest Service , we have created and improved several staging areas (Meadowbrook, Donaldson, Balderston Corrals), improved signage on trails, and the crown jewel of our accomplishments, creation of the beautiful Dru Barner Equestrian Park  located about 7 miles east of Georgetown.

We have also worked in partnership with other organizations such as Divide Horsemen’s Association (DHA ) in the creation of Cronan Ranch near the American River and the development of a new equestrian staging area on Salmon Falls Road, spearheaded by the American River Conservancy, with financial support provided by several groups, including GDETF. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all contributions are tax deductible.

One of our main activities is fundraising, which we do by holding a couple of popular rides each year, notably the Dru Barner Fun Ride held on Memorial Day weekend and the Poker Ride held in early October.   We plan additional camping trips at Dru Barner and educational  days to help keep everyone safe out on the trails.  We are always improving the trail marking and creating equestrian trail maps for the Rock Creek Trails.  Most importantly, members get together for workdays whenever the need arises to clear trails, make improvements to Dru Barner, and so forth.

The activities of GDETF are guided by our Board of Directors. These are folks from our general membership who willingly give their time to attend monthly meetings (first Thursday of most months), help to organize rides and activities, and make decisions about how best to use our funds to continue our mission.  In the past few years the board has used our funds to purchase additional picnic tables, fire rings, and corrals for Dru Barner Park.  We paid for road improvements in Dru Barner and cleanup of the Balderston staging area.

Additional members not formally on the Board work behind the scenes to help out with administrative duties, trail projects, and many other small but essential functions. Members who want to become more involved are always welcome to attend a board meeting – just check with us first to find out when and where.