Poker Ride - See Weekend Extravaganza!

Poker Ride

Annual Poker Ride

This year (2019) we’re having a Weekend Extravaganza – a full weekend event combining the Poker Ride and the Fun Ride.

See the Weekend Extravaganza page for details!

See the photo album from our recent Poker Ride

Georgetown Divide Equestrian Trails Foundation puts on an annual fall Poker Ride at Dru Barner Equestrian Campgrounds.

This ride features a relaxing, late morning 5-7 mile ride down the easy Enchanted Forest trail while you play your hand and have a chance at winning something fun!

Return back to the campground, take care of your horse, join us for a delicious lunch, and see if you have a winning poker hand! Cash and prizes!

Around the campfire

Afterwards, stay for the day or camp for the weekend. Relax in the beautiful woods of the campground or take a ride out on the 12-mile loop in the beautiful nearby Rock Creek Trails.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.