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Dru Barner Equestrian Park is located on the middle western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains between Auburn (Hwy 80) and Placerville (Hwy 50), about 1 ½ hours east of Sacramento.  There are several different ways to get there:

Hwy 50 East from Sacramento to Shingle Springs

(Recommended for long trailers.)  Exit at Ponderosa Rd.  Turn left at light to cross over fwy.  Turn right at second light onto North Shingle Springs Rd.  Follow road to Lotus/Coloma where it dead ends at Hwy 49.   Turn left onto Hwy 49; proceed to next stop sign at Marshall Grade.  Here you have a choice: The longer (9 extra miles) but easier route from Coloma is to continue straight through the stop sign and continue on Hwy 49 to Cool.  At the stop sign in Cool, turn right onto Hwy 193, and follow to Georgetown.  In Georgetown, turn left at the stop sign onto Main Street.  Follow directions onward from Georgetown, below.  The shorter but steeper route from Coloma is to turn right up Marshall Grade.  (Don’t try this unless you have a powerful truck.) Follow to stop sign in the town of Garden Valley.  Proceed straight through stop for another mile or so.  Just after the Sierra Super Stop gas station, turn right onto Black Oak Mine Rd.  This short, winding road will dead-end at Hwy 193.  Turn left onto Hwy 193 and proceed to Georgetown, turning right at stop sign onto Main Street.  Follow directions onward from Georgetown, below.  (If you miss the turn onto Black Oak Mine, you can stay on Marshall Grade all the way to Georgetown, but it is much more winding.)

From Auburn I-80

(This route NOT ADVISED for very long trailers.)  From Hwy 80 in Auburn, Exit toward Hwy 49 South (Elm St).  Turn South onto Elm – that’s left if you exit from eastbound (coming from Sacramento), right if you exit from westbound (coming from Reno).  At the bottom of the hill turn left at the light onto High Street/ Hwy 49.  This is a very steep and twisting road down the canyon, across the river, and back up the other side.  Follow Hwy 49 to the town of Cool, then turn left at stop sign onto Hwy 193.  Follow to Georgetown, and turn left at the stop sign onto Main Street. Follow directions onward from Georgetown, below.

From Placerville Hwy 50

(For those coming from Placerville or other points east, also NOT ADVISED for long trailers)  From Hwy 50 in Placerville, turn North onto Spring Street / Hwy 49.  Just outside of town take right fork onto Hwy 193, and follow to Georgetown.  Note this is a very steep, narrow, and winding route.  In Georgetown, turn right onto Main Street at stop sign.

From Georgetown

Follow Main Street through the town where the name of the road changes to Wentworth Springs. Continue east for approximately 5.5 miles.  Watch for a brown sign for the turn onto Bottle Hill Bypass/ Dru Barner Park.  It says ¼ mile, but it is a very short distance.  Turn left onto Bottle Hill Bypass, and proceed to camp.  Road is paved but narrow, watch for oncoming traffic.  Headlights are advised at all times on mountain roads to increase your visibility to other drivers.


Camping at Dru Barner is $8 per night, and day use is $3.  Fee envelopes are available at the entrance, and cash (exact amount) or a check can be used.

Trail maps and information are available at the Georgetown Ranger Station, located on the right side of Wentworth Springs Rd. about 3.5 miles from town.  There is a wide shoulder where it is easy to pull off with a trailer.

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