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Upcoming Projects

  • Balderston Staging Area Improvements including parking enhancements, improved drainage and the addition of a marquee for equestrians with equestrian trail maps.
  • Additional pipe corral installations at Dru Barner.
  • Equestrian Trail Mapping for Trails surrounding the Dru Barner Equestrian Campground

Past Projects

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January-February, 2019 — Trash Removal
Thank you to GDETF Members Monte and Curt Kruger who cleaned up and hauled away the garbage around the bathrooms at Cronan and Magnolia staging areas during the Federal Government shutdown. Sometimes we have to reach beyond our mission of “trail work” and step in where the equestrian work is needed.

December 12, 2018 — New Pipe Corrals
Thank you to the GDETF volunteers who worked several days cleaning up Dru Barner and repairing and installing new pipe corrals.

May 19, 2018 — Pre-Ride Work Party
Awesome turnout for the Dru Barner work party for the 2018 Fun Ride! Thank you to all of the volunteers – the campground is beautiful!

February 3 & 4, 2018 — Boy Scouts Replace Horse Corrals
During February 3 and 4, 2018, Boy Scout Troop 745 from Lincoln, CA, took part in an Eagle Scout Project to replace 3 horse corrals at Dru Barner Campground. Eagle Scout candidate Nathan Pickett contacted the Georgetown Divide Equestrian Trails Foundation to help raise funds and provide help in installing the horse corrals. Two of the horse corrals replace a double corral that was stolen last year. The other horse corral replaces one damaged by a fallen tree during last winter. The El Dorado National Forest greatly appreciates the efforts of Nathan, Troop 745 and the Georgetown Divide Equestrian Trails Foundation.

Sunday August 30, 2015 — Corrals are all Painted!
Thanks to the efforts of (the usual suspects) Jerry Scribner, Jon Saunders, Pete Occhialini, and Kit and Janice Myers, all the galvanized corrals and their roofs were acid washed and painted inside and out to match the Powder River green corrals.  Our volunteers are AWESOME!

June 20-21, 2015 — Busy Weekend for GDETF Volunteers.
On Saturday, GDETF volunteers Jon Saunders, Pete Occhialini, Jerry Scribner, and Gary Mcfall installed new Powder River horse corrals at campsites 19, 20, and 23.  Additionally Jerry Scribner painted one of the donated galvanized corrals (previously installed) USFS green.  Eventually all the galvanized corrals will be painted to match the Powder River corrals.

Sunday June 21, 2015 — More Picnic Tables!
Jerry Scribner, Jon Saunders, Roger and Linda Glazier, and Helen Steenman assembled and installed four more picnic tables at two campsites and at the group picnic area.  We still have some fire-rings to install later this summer.  Most of the campsites will now be fully furnished with tables and fire rings, and we will continue to add corrals where ever we can fit them in.

May, 2015 — Balderson Staging Area
GDETF volunteers completed the Balderson Staging Area improvements that were started late last year with the removal of the old corral.  Blackberry clearing and a little tree limb trimming has created a half dozen additional rig pullouts within the site.  Check it out!

Corrals, picnic tables, and fire rings have been delivered and are waiting to be installed at Dru Barner!  We will soon be scheduling work days to accomplish these tasks.  We need your help! – PS> Jerry Scribner is spearheading this, the plan is completion before July 4, 2015!

New signage on Trust for Public Land (TPL) trail easements!

TPL trail sign

Over the past several years, Georgetown Divide Recreation District (GDRD) and GDETF (formerly EDETF) have partnered to develop and maintain equestrian/hiking trails on TPL trail easements located on four privately owned parcels in the vicinity of the Georgetown Airport.  Most recently, GDRD produced trail use regulation signage, which was placed on the trail easements by GDETF members Kit and Janice Myers and Tom and Nancy Sandy in early 2015.  These GDRD trail easements provide trail access for hikers and equestrians from Reservoir Road to Spanish Dry Diggins and the immediate area around the airport.

December, 2014 — New Corrals at Dru Barner Campground!
December 2014 saw the installation of a new double corral purchased by GDETF, and 4 additional donated corral stalls.  Kudos to our hard working volunteer crew!

Nov., 2014 — Balderston Corral Staging Area Cleanup
GDETF had all the blackberries removed to create more trailer parking at the staging area.  In spring, we will lay gravel.  This will at least double the amount of parking!  Currently these areas are taped off so the ground can settle before experiencing vehicle impact.

Oct. 29, 2014 — GDETF Work Day
During this work day, GDETF members met at the Georgetown Ranger Station to assemble four picnic tables purchased by the Foundation for use at Dru Barner Park.  We then loaded up the tables along with three fire rings that we had also purchased, and headed up to the Park.  We unloaded and positioned the tables and fire rings, and anchored them into the ground with concrete.

We are anticipating the arrival of a new double stall corral to add to Dru Barner.  It should be here any day, and when it arrives we will again head up to assemble and install this corral at the Park!