Dear Members

Nearly two dozen board members and guests showed up in early 2018 in response to last year’s end of the year report. They proved eager to carry-on the work of GDETF and do even more to sign trails and improve facilities for equestrians on the Divide. Thanks to them, the Board has been rebuilt and both the Fun Ride and Poker Ride were huge successes in 2018. They and additional trail improvements and additions to Dru Barner are planned for 2019.

In February 2018, Boy Scouts and board members installed a new double corral and repaired one of the single corrals at Dru Barner. Then at a second work party in May, one tractor mowed weeds and restored trailer parking areas while a second tractor graded the roads. More than a dozen volunteers with weed-eaters, blowers, and rakes cleared the group kitchen area and all the campsites of debris and pine needles from the winter.

The Board’s new treasurer, Laurie Sweeney, has reorganized all the foundation’s financial reports and set up a first-class accounting system. Our Facebook page and website have also been upgraded. Jenny Gomez is now President and trail master and led the way with GCER and the Ride and Tie to map the trail used for three different events in 2018, the Fun Ride, the Gold Country Endurance Ride, and the Ride and Tie.

We continue to maintain Dru Barner campground, adding new horse corrals and other improvements, and we are keeping the equestrian tradition alive and well on the Divide’s beautiful trails.  Another double corral was installed in December and more will be added in January or February.

Speaking of trails, we have created a downloadable GPS map of the Little Silver Loop trail in Rock Creek and will soon have available several more GPS maps of additional trail loops including one for the Enchanted Forest.  As part of making the trails easier to follow, we are in discussions with the USFS about additional equestrian-friendly signage on those trails.

In 2019, GDETF will continue moving forward with mapping GPS trails in Rock Creek and the Enchanted Forest, installing a permanent marquee with maps, and make parking improvements at the Balderston trailhead.

Please join us or renew your membership when you receive the notice in March and consider joining us in 2019 to further improve Dru Barner and trails in our area.  Also put the Fun Ride on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend on your riding calendar in 2019,

GDETF now regularly meets at the offices of Premier Foothills Properties in Cool on the first Thursday of every month. For further information and to let us know you will be joining us, e-mail us at or contact us through this website.


The 2019 GDETF Board of Directors

Jenny Gomez – President

Monte Kruger – Vice President

Laurie Sweeney – Treasurer

Cindy Twyman – Secretary

Terri Jimison – Correspondence

Curt Kruger

Janice Myers

Michael Peckman

Melissa Bays

Georgetown Divide Equestrian Trails Foundation