NATRC competition ride


NATRC Competitive Trail Ride

Since 2007, GDETF has  sponsored a two-day Competitive Trail Ride (CTR) sanctioned by the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC).  The ride was last held in 2014.  It is hoped that someone will come forward to continue with managing this very fun event.

CTR has been described as a cross between endurance riding and trail trials.  Not a race, riders complete a pre-determined course within a prescribed time, much like a road rally.  The distance each day is between 20 and 30 miles, depending on the division a rider chooses to compete in.  Horses are judged by qualified veterinarians on condition, soundness, manners, and way of going. Riders are judged separately on horsemanship, equitation, courtesy on the trail, and how they care for their horse both on the trail and while stabled in camp.  They may be asked to maneuver the horse through a natural obstacle, or simply be observed as they travel down the trail.

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It is a wonderful learning process for both riders and their horses. While most riders are not local, by sponsoring this ride we get to showcase our wonderful Dru Barner Park and equally wonderful trails to people from across northern California.  NATRC rides are not for the purpose of raising money, but when the Georgetown ride does make a small profit, that sum is donated to GDETF.  NATRC rides have been held here since 2007, and the Georgetown ride is one of the favorites among those who compete in NATRC Region One.


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A CTR takes a great number of volunteers to run, and we rely on GDETF members to help with many jobs including: trail marking, setting out water troughs, driving ride personnel who are not familiar with the area, monitoring horses at the “Pulse and Respiration” stops (vet checks), assisting riders with crossing busy roads, timing riders in and out of camp, or just helping to keep track of where everyone is on the trail.

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